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Volunteer for Something


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    Volunteer to be a registered part of the Republican Party's Precinct Organization
    Precinct Chairman
    Area Coordinator
    Block Coordinator

    Become a sustaining member of the Kauai Republican Party for a small monthly contribution. It adds up to actions we can take.
  • $9 / month to $25 / month
  • Print and submit this form

    Join the Republican Womens' Club
  • Candidate forums and events in election years
  • One of the most active Republican organizatons on Kauai
  • Print and submit this form
    $25 / year for women OR men (the membership is 40% male)
    $15 / year for anyone 30 or younger

    Be a poll worker on election day
  • Perform a community service AND get paid for your time
    Sign up and be trained

    Be a poll watcher
  • Ensure the integrity of the balloting process
  • Help GOTV (Get Out The Vote)
    Poll Watcher

    Work at the Republican booth at the Fair
    Work Fair Booth

    Work at fundraising events
    Fundraiser Worker

    Attend Party and Campaign events
    Attend Events

    Participate in campaign activities
    Campaign Participant

    Write newspaper editorials and newsletter articles
    Editorial / Article Writer

    Help maintain the KRP website
    Web Worker

    Join a campaign team
    County Council
    State House Rep
    State Senate
    US House Rep
    US Senate

    Run for an office
    County Council
    State House
    State Senate